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Free WiFi. Social.

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WIf Login aPges

Fully Branded Login Experience

Your WiFi network, like everything else in your business, should be a reflection of your brand. We work with you to find a layout and a visual signature for your landing page that matches with your company.

Choose from a number of login options including Facebook, email, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS and more!

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Know Your Customers

Capture social user details with WiFi, easily filter your user data in real-time, identify trends and generate reports for export. Access up-to-date Guest WiFi data in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that automatically collects guest profile information, including Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday and more.

Most of all, build a lasting Customer Database and use it at any time to invite patrons to come back, upsell them on additional services or products, increase your revenue!

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Email Marketing. Smarter. 

Our super powerful embedded email marketing system uses connections and disconnections to your network as triggers for timely messages. Set and forget messages to go out at the best moment in their customer experience and in their relationship with your establishment.

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Improve Your Reputation

Thanks to our agreement with TripAdvisor, your online reputation will skyrocket. A request for review coming directly from TripAdvisor will be sent to each of your visitors. If your objective is to get Google or Facebook reviews, we can maximize your chances to increase your rating by setting up automated requests for reviews to go to your regular customers.

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Automation Made Easy


Automatically send user and demographic data instantly into your marketing database with β€˜smart’ connection triggers. Hotspotboost connects more web apps than anyone, including social networks, 3rd party CRM, email autoresponders, and much more!


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